Consulting Skills for Data and IT Professionals

Most people working in IT are effectively consultants –providing services to internal or external clients. And most have learned that there is more to effective consulting than having the right answer or delivering a technically sound product.
The success of consulting assignments just as often rests on the “soft skills” of the consultant: understanding the client, setting and managing expectations, negotiating, dealing with politics and difficult people. Yet most IT professionals give far less attention to these consulting skills than they give to their technical expertise. This workshop fills that critical gap.
Graeme Simsion has delivered versions of this course in-house and publicly, in Australia and overseas, and to DAMA chapters across North America. It has been rated “best presentation” at four DAMA International conferences.
The course draws on Graeme’s extensive experience as a consultant and consulting manager and packs a wealth of practical advice, frameworks and tips into an interactive one-day program. The emphasis throughout is on practical techniques to deal with the issues that real consultants face in their day-to-day work. Expect to leave this workshop with ideas and techniques that you will use throughout your professional life.
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