DAMA Australia Committee

The DAMA Australia National Committee comprises of the following appointed members:




George Bassili

Vice President    

Andrew Andrews


Varun Pant


Andy Peyton

Committee Member   

Andrew Smailes

Committee Member 

Andy Peyton

Committee Member   

Shaun Sandy

Committee Member

Nayeem Mahmud

Committee Member

David Yates 

Committee Member

Deborah Henderson

If you are interested in becoming a committee member, please contact us here

Joining the Committee

DAMA Australia is managed by a committee composed of volunteers. All committee members are office holders – everyone has a job. The committee members are elected for a 12-month period at the Annual General Meeting. Committee members must be financial DAMA members, i.e. they have either a paid up Individual membership or their employer is a paid up Corporate member.

Committee members are expected to contribute, on average, 4-6 hours per month to DAMA matters. If you are unable to make that level of time commitment please do not nominate for the committee. The committee typically meets on a monthly basis to review past events, plan future events and address a variety of matters.

DAMA Committee Roles


Responsible for ‘making things happen’. Organises other committee members to ensure that DAMA Australia chapter is vibrant and active.



In President's absence, the Vice-President is the Chairperson for any general meetings and for any committee meetings.



Responsible for tracking inflows and outflows of money. Ensures that bills are paid promptly and DAMA Australia chapter complies with the financial reporting requirements of a ‘Not For Profit’ association.



As Public Officer of DAMA Australia, the role is accountable for compliance, including financial reporting and membership reporting. Also includes activities to increase membership. The responsibility for recording membership, issuing membership due notices and chasing membership payments is currently delegated to the Membership representative, who is an ordinary member of the committee.



The branch heads are ordinary members of the committee and report to the committee on local operations.