Risk, Compliance, and Data Governance: Can you afford a billion-dollar fine?

Data Governance
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25 February 2020
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25 February 2020
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Stamford Plaza Hotel, 111 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
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What is Data Governance? Why do you need it? Where does it drive value? How do you get started on your Data Governance (DG) journey?

What is Data Governance?  Why do you need it?  Where does it drive value?

Data Governance is about establishing and observing rules for the effective management of data.  In modern data-driven enterprises, Data Governance should be a fundamental BAU activity alongside risk management and regulatory compliance.  Effective data governance is an essential capability to mitigate your exposure to all manner of business risks (money laundering, data breaches, GDPR non-compliance, inaccurate and misleading business reporting, harmful business decisions based on false and misguided analytics, etc…).


How do you get started on your Data Governance (DG) journey? 

There is no point in re-inventing the wheel. For the definition and implementation of Data Governance, DAMA DMBOK provides industry best-practice guidance; and most enterprises can get a basic outline of their DG Strategy from the generic WHAT & WHY contained in DMBOK.  Adding the remaining 20-30% of organisational-specific DG Strategy is not "rocket science", but it relies on understanding how your business works, knowing how it is measured and regulated, and on recognising and capturing the key business drivers for data governance.  Data Governance is one of the most fundamental data management practices that all enterprises must accomplish. Ineffective data governance not only puts your business at risk, but it also undermines any other efforts to improve data management within your business.


To get started on data governance (the HOW), don't try to "boil the ocean".  Identify the executive level pain points that are highly visible, troublesome to particular executives, and (most importantly) fixable by good data management practice in a timely manner.  Start with one of these - the "silver thread" - fix the pain, demonstrate value, attribute this to good governance, and build out from there.


The meeting will also gauge interest in organising a DAMA Melbourne Data Governance Special Interest Group (DG SIG) based on the DG SIG run jointly by DAMA Canberra and National Archives of Australia (NAA).



5:00-5:30 pm Register & Welcome Drink

5:30-5:35 pm Introduction to DAMA, the Speaker, and today’s topic

5:35-6:10 pm Presentation by Dr Gray followed by Q&A

6:10-6:15 pm Introduction of Melbourne Data Governance Special Interest Group (SIG) - Speaker TBA

6:15-6:25 pm ASG Technologies Product & Services Overview

6:30-7:15 pm Networking


Speaker Details for Dr Jonathan Gray

CEO & Chief Data Scientist, Catapult BI Pty Ltd

email: jon_gray@catapultbi.com

mobile: +61 (0)438 223056



Dr Jon Gray has 30 years of computing experience in industry and academia both in Australia and the UK.  Jon’s research interests have encompassed parallel and distributed systems design, database technologies, information modelling, software engineering methods and tools, organisational capability development, and business process improvement. 


From 2006-2013, Jon led a research initiative for National ICT Australia Limited (NICTA) in Canberra focused on software methods and tools for the improvement of business processes in government.  From 2013-2017, Jon ran Performance Assurance, a spin-out company from NICTA, specialising in predictive modeling and risk management.  Jon is currently working as CEO & Chief Data Scientist for Catapult BI, a Dialog Group company.


Jon has extensive consulting experience in the fields of data modelling, metadata management, and organisational capability improvement.  Recently, Jon has worked with several clients in government agencies, assisting them in their data management improvement journey.  In this presentation, Jon describes an enterprise-level approach to data governance that has been instantiated with these clients.  The traps, pitfalls, and obstacles to be avoided, as well as the tips to success are discussed.  Lessons learned from these journeys will be shared with the audience.


Jon has published widely in many fields of software engineering, information systems, and computer science, and he is a frequent speaker at Australian and International conferences.



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