The Hatchery Workshop: An Introduction to Data Storytelling & Data Visualisation | 17 - 19 November 2020

Successful data storytelling including engagement, presentation and design thinking
Start Date
17 November 2020
End Date
19 November 2020
Contact Name
Ashleigh Batterham
Contact Phone
0421 579 137
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Join expert data visualisation specialist Paul Hodge to gain new skills or refine your existing skills in the core elements of successful data storytelling including engagement, presentation and design thinking. On the back of a sold out workshop, Paul will expand on these core elements to support you with the skills to leverage data in new ways and for greater influence.

An Introduction to Data Storytelling & Data Visualisation

Designed to help build an understanding on how to effectively leverage techniques of engagement, information presentation, and design thinking, to establish effective Data Visualisation. You will develop skills that will help improve the effectiveness of anyone who needs to communicate information and insights with colleagues, peers, and the world.

This workshop will use a combination of inspirational and informative examples of world-class Data Visualisations, along with easy to understand data visualisation and communication techniques, to help attendees gain high-level insights on how to use Data Visualisation frameworks and apply tips-and-tricks to develop Data Visualisations that will engage, entertain and inspire future decision makers.

What will you take away?


  • Why data storytelling and data visualisation are powerful business tools

  • Understand the principles of engagement, information presentation, and user-centric design for creating effective data visualisations

  • Data Visualisation tips and techniques that can be applied in the real-world

  • Explore the end-to-end development of an interactive business focused dashboard

Who should attend?

Federal, state and local government representatives. This workshop intensive is ideal for anyone with a role or responsibility for representing or communicating insights or concepts using data and want to improve their data storytelling capabilities. 

The workshop is well suited to those with roles and responsibilities for:

  • Business Analysis

  • Data & Analytics

  • Business Intelligence

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Research & Reporting

  • Performance & Strategy