Presenting to DAMA Australia is an opportunity to share your knowledge, skills and experience with a unique audience of data practitioners and influencers. You’ll be helping to build the data and digital capabilities within many of Australia’s largest organisations. You will also strengthen your networks and build your personal and your organisation’s brand and profile as a data leader.


We’re seeking submissions relevant to data professionals, within business and IT, centred around the following topics:

  • Data leadership, data strategy and data governance

  • Insights into the implementation of DAMA-DMBOK data management knowledge areas

  • People and organisation - data literacy, developing data skills and competencies, organising for data and culture

  • Processes – insights into effective data processes, activities and techniques

  • Technology – application of tools and deliverables and benefits to effective data governance

  • Applications of data management - in areas such as Big Data, ML and AI, Data Science, Open Data and Data Sharing


We’re looking for original presentations that: 

  • Offer practical takeaways and learnings for attendees (rather than focused on promoting your organisation’s work)

  • Showcase highly successful, innovative or unique practices, frameworks, methodologies, processes or tools;

  • Preferably be original content

DAMA meetings usually run for 60 minutes total, including 10-15 minutes for questions. We will also consider submissions for a shorter length of time which can be combined with others into a single event. All presenters are expected to provide the slide pack from the presentation to be made available in the members' area of the DAMA Australia website. Presentations may also be recorded, and the recording also published on the DAMA Australia website.


DAMA Branch meetings, a combined presentation and networking event, are an important benefit we provide our members. During COVID meetings have moved to online webinars, however we plan to return to physical meetings when restrictions are lifted. 

We will also be continuing to provide regular National Webinars. Venue permitting, DAMA Branch Meetings may also be broadcast as National Webinars.  DAMA Canberra broadcasts all its meetings before COVID restrictions came into effect.


It is our aim to ensure that we have a diverse range of speakers from varying fields in data management in each DAMA Branch. At the end of every calendar year, the DAMA Australia puts out a "Call for Expressions of Interests" to develop a calendar of events for each Branch for the preceding year.

Applications for the preceding year close on the 1 February of that year. Speakers will be contacted to confirm their position on the program year in the year.

Applications will still be accepted after 1 February throughout the year to fill any gaps in the program.

To apply, simply fill out the Event Speaker Application Form below. We’ll endeavour to get in touch with you once as we assess the applications.